The Education Network is heading up to the Himalayas

A group of 12 students from Joyce Frankland Academy are all set to visit the Indian Himilayas this summer.

The team will undertake a building project which will help change the lives of local villagers.

The students who will be arriving in customised Education Network polo-shirts will be setting off in July for a 25 day trip which will see them building a solar heated bath house.

The project will be very physically demanding and will take place at high altitude and at very high temperatures during the day!

“The project sounded absolutely fantastic when I popped in to the school a few weeks ago so when the opportunity to get involved by sponsoring the polo shirts came up, we all jumped at the chance! I am looking forward to seeing what the bath house looks like when it’s completed and hearing about the positive impact it will make to the lives of the local villagers!” Matt Burgum, Secondary Consultant at The Education Network said.

Visit the official Joyce Frankland Academy website here.

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