What’s on the menu with the Canny Kitchen and The Education Network partnership?

The Education Network is pleased to partner with another commercial organisation keen to promote healthy living and nutrition: The Canny Kitchen.

The Canny Kitchen, based in Chester-le-street, County Durham, provides a range of cookery workshops to schools in Durham, Sunderland, Gateshead and South Tyneside.

With over 30 years experience in the catering industry, including 25 years spent working in schools, Carolyn Hough provides tailor-made, relaxed and inspiring cookery workshops – supplying all the equipment, ingredients and uniforms, but most importantly the knowledge and professional expertise needed to make every session a success.

The Canny Kitchen offers interactive, fun and informative cooking workshops with pupils of all ages as well as:

  • Food tasting and produce displays

  • Classroom healthy eating sessions for children/parents (using replica foods and The Eatwell Plate)

  • Adult cookery demonstrations (e.g for parents/carers)

  • School food-themed assemblies

  • Student food focus groups

  • Food Safety sessions for children and adults – personal hygiene and safe food storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning

These workshops and sessions can be held during the either during the school day, after school, during school holidays, Saturdays or on In-service days.

Discounts with The Education Network

Schools that wish to book sessions via The Education Network can benefit from a discount from the first individual booking made (normally only available for block bookings) – see the website for full details of sessions available here.


  1. Normally £95 for 2 hours – Education Network price £80 (including equipment and ingredients)

  2. Normally £120 for 3 hours – Education Network price £100 (including equipment and ingredients)

Healthy Eating Talks

Normally £40 per hour – Education Network price £35 per hour

You can benefit from this special rate by calling Deborah Foster on 0191 3860477 

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