St Joseph’s Middle school celebrate Sporting Success with additional contribution from The Education Network

Danielle from The Education Network was delighted to visit St Joseph’s Middle school in Northumberland this week to hand over a cheque donation for £200 in celebration of their recent sporting successes in a wide variety of team sports.

St. Josephs offer a wide range of quality sports and physical education. Their hard work has received local and national acclaim winning both the Sportsmark Award, for exceptional delivery of the national schools sports strategy and selected to receive funding of £7,500 towards a range of equipment and facilities.

Danielle went down to the school this week to chat with Richard Carr at St. Josephs to discuss what these achievements mean to the school and how they will be investing the cheque from The Education Network.

Richard said “It’s been a great year at St Josephs’ Middle School, but it’s all the culmination of hard work and fantastic involvement and enthusiasm for sport from the teachers, children and parents”.

“We have been able to increase specialist teaching hours since September 2013 and purchase sports equipment for a range of sports including gymnastics and basketball. We also have coaching sessions for cricket and repainted the lines on the basketball and netball courts on both playgrounds”.

“We recognise that whilst it is great to have new equipment, it’s vital the education we are teaching to the children is of the highest quality, so we are delighted to have appointed a professional dance teacher for sessions with our Year 7 and 8 pupils”.

Children Actively Involved in Health Awareness and Physical Education

All these improvements now mean children are actively involved in nearly two hours of PE and sport per week as part of the curriculum.

A key focus this year is the girls’ football teams and the participation rates have really increased since September 2013 in both KS2 (Keystage) and KS3.  The school can also offer a wide variety of physical education and sport with facilities for football, rugby, netball, hockey, cross country, cricket, tennis, rounders, athletics, dance, basketball and gymnastics.

Richard added “The children have really embraced the sporting culture and importance of health and activity and are actively joining in in both lunchtime and after schools clubs.
We are delighted The Education Network have recognised our work and this cheque of £200 will go towards a new trophy cabinet that will house our growing trophy collection”.

Danielle said “It was great to visit the school and hear Richard talk with such enthusiasm. The Education Network has it’s own School Sporting Partnership programme as we recognise the importance health education and physical activity has on children in their early years. We are delighted to support St. Josephs Middle School with this contribution and know that they will probably have to buy quite a few trophy cabinets in the future.”

To find out more about the School Sporting Partnership programme with The Education Network, contact Wayne Daley by email