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Road Safety Week 2018 runs from November 19th to November 25th and is an annual event and the biggest road safety awareness campaign in the UK organised by ‘Brake’, the road safety charity.


As part of Road Safety Week thousands of schools, organisations and communities take action on road safety and promote life-saving messages during and beyond.


This year, we’re taking huge steps to get involved and ensure the safety of school children across the UK by backing road safety charity, The Conies and their campaign.


The Conies new nationally endorsed early learning programme for primary schools features a family of traffic cones that deliver safety messages through their adventures.


As part of the campaign, we’ve got 25,000 journals to give away to support schools and help promote awareness.


The journals include walk-through lesson plans that fulfil PSHE education requirements and cover Early Learning Years, Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils and meet Ofsted criteria and obligations!


The colourful, entertaining and informative booklets featuring The Conies help children learn about road safety and how to get to and from school safely. They also teach children about time, eating the right food, dressing properly for weather conditions and how to be seen by drivers.

Since its launch this year, the campaign has been awarded endorsed status by Fundamentally Children, the leading organisation that promotes the value of play in healthy childhoods.


We have twice piloted The Conies in regional primary schools in different accident hotspots: 8,000 copies reaching 96 schools, 259 classes and 7,500 pupils. These were commissioned by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership comprising the police, fire service and city council.


The results showed the impact of The Conies:

• 100% difference in improving safety awareness

• 100% of schools would recommend the programme to others

• 99% positive child engagement with the characters

• 87% of children either totally or mostly understood the safety messages and concepts.


Over 85,000 children are killed or injured in road accidents within 500 metres of a school each year. As an education recruitment company we believe it is our responsibility as much as the schools we work with to ensure this number doesn’t get any higher.


The resources available are on a first-come, first-served basis with our clients offered first refusal, so be sure to get in touch today to make sure your school is ready for Road Safety Week!


On top of the free teaching resources, we're also giving you the opportunity to win 30 branded High Visibility Vests (ages 4-6) for your classroom, just in time for the dark winter mornings!  


To enter, simply have your students create their own poem about road safety and send it in here.


Deadline for submissions is 16th November and the winning class will be announced on the 23rd across our website and social media channels.


We hope to hear from you so that together we can spread the word of road safety in schools nationwide and potentially prevent many accidents.