The Evening Gazette and Journal School Awards are back for 2014. We are pleased to be sponsors for the second year of the “inspirational Primary Teacher” award.

The Schools Awards are designed to recognise the fantastic achievements being made by our schools across the North East. They cover both community and curriculum based projects as well as individual excellence, and will honour schools, classes and individuals.

The award categories include:

  • Individual Awards

  • Inspirational Primary Teacher

  • Inspirational Secondary Teacher

  • Caretaker of the year

  • Support staff of the Year

  • Headteacher of the Year

  • Project Awards

  • Sustainable School Award

  • Healthy School Award

  • Best School In the Community Award

  • Learning through Internet & ICT Award

Individual Awards:

Five of the awards recognise the individuals within a school who have really made a difference to the pupils. These might be inspirational teachers who make learning exciting and relevant, encouraging children to reach their full poetical, classroom assistants, support/administration staff or caretakers who make a difference to the children and the school through their enthusiasm and commitment. Or maybe a headteacher whose guidance and leadership has helped create a dynamic learning environment where pupils are happy and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Inspirational Primary Teacher sponsored by The Education Network

For a teacher in a nursery, first or primary school who goes the extra mile to give children the best start in their education.

For more information on the on the School awards and to vote click here.