The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) have joined forces with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) and have released a new guidance for teacher recruitment.

NAHT members are now being offered help and guidance on working with teacher supply and recruitment companies. This has been done in a bid to help educational institutes deal with APSCo members and to build a stronger bond in this relationship as well as helping schools and institutes access quality educators.

The guidance provided will introduce NAHT members to a new Code of Conduct that has been carefully produced by APSCo who have worked alongside the NAHT to ensure a high standard amongst recruitment consultancies. The Code of Conduct sets out the professional standards and level of professional conduct that can be expected from recruitment consultancies.

Additionally, the NAHT have recommended that educational establishments work alongside agencies that are registered with ASPCo in order to ensure that they are bound by this Code of Conduct. By doing this, schools and academies will be provided with additional assurance as APSCo members are accredited with Compliance+.

The new guidance is based on the former “APSCo Code of Conduct for Members” but includes certain adjustment and some variations that are specific to the education sector in order to address concerns that have been raised by the NAHT.

The adjustments that are specific to the education sector can be found below and may cause certain recruitment companies to modify their documentation and well as process and procedures. The rest of the Code of Conduct for Education Recruitment Agencies is available for viewing online.

  •  Clause 3.3 – Members will make specific reference to adherence to this Code in their marketing literature.

  • Clause 4.2.1 – Requires all fees, obligations, and liabilities of all parties to be set out in contractual documentation.

  • Clause 4.3 – This is a new safeguarding clause, which makes reference to Compliance+. This clause does not require that all members be accredited to Compliance+, but they must comply with the safeguarding requirements therein.

  • Clause 5.3 – Members will endeavour to understand the client’s stated skills requirements before submitting candidates.

  • Clause 7.4 – Candidates on assignment will be given access to information on relevant subsidised training courses (CPD).

  • Clause 7.9 – If contractors are unsure of the suitable supply models available to them, members will either provide impartial information, or refer them to APSCo or another unconnected and objective body.

  • Clause 7.10 – Members will not make any offer contingent upon the contractor working through an umbrella company, or other payment service provider, unless stipulated by the client.

    By following this Code of Conduct and applying the adjustments to professional staff recruitment agencies ASPCo hope to make a step in the right direction to strengthen the bond between school leaders and staff recruitment. As well as providing easy and transparent access to quality educators.

    Luckily, we were one of the first three education recruitment companies awarded with APSCo’s Compliance+ standard back in 2013, before its official launch so every educator that we work with and supply is guaranteed to have surpassed safeguarding standards in line with APSCO’s Compliance+.

    Each one of our candidates is also put through a thorough screening process to ensure that we are hiring professionals who will not only excel in schools and adhere to the rules in place but also to guarantee each and every child that comes into contact with our education professionals is safe, secure and comfortable at all times.

    We show continual improvement in safeguarding and competency, as well as providing our candidates with the necessary means to continuously improve in the workplace including free CPD, support and beneficial products and services due to our many partnerships.

    As a result of our passion, hard work and holding ourselves to the highest standards, we have proven that we’re a leading and reliable agency that can guarantee your organisation will be supplied with only the most professional and informed educators when you work with us.

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