It’s been a month since the Education Show in Birmingham and we wanted to share with you some of our highlights from the weekend this year.

Thursday March 17th

On the Thursday morning we joined TES for the ‘How to transform the way you recruit staff online’ session. It was a very informative and helpful session for schools and education professionals alike.

The National Exhibition Centre exhibition centre in Birmingham.

The talk provided an in-depth insight into the world of online recruitment but also highlighted some interesting facts about working in the education sector.

To elaborate, during the Q & A at the end of the session, a local headteacher mentioned how the response rate for his job advertisements in newspapers and magazines (thought to be a dying medium) is greater than the responses he receives for his online ad’s.

According to TES, this is because teachers prefer longer adverts. Which isn’t that surprising at all when you think back to your school days when you would always be told to go into depth when answering a question!

TES also stated how the current climate of recruitment should be referred to as a “challenge” rather than a “crisis” and we completely agree!

During this time, the last thing those of us working in the sector need is more negativity and hearing the word “crisis” every time

The entrance to the The Education Show 2016

your career is brought into discussion is enough to send anyone into a panic.

However, a “challenge” always comes with solutions and it’s up to those of us in the industry to work towards those solutions and get through this difficult time together.

After all, isn’t solving problems what we’re good at?

Next we headed over to the UKTI International Business Theatre for ‘Case Study: Making an impact in the international marketplace’.

As we recently re-launched our International Division at the GESS 2016 exhibition in Dubai just a few weeks before the Education Show, we decided to head down to see if we could get any helpful tips and insights from those who have already made there mark internationally.

And we weren’t disappointed!

The session was both insightful and funny. Did you know that in Japan it’s considered good manners to slurp your soup as it indicates you’re enjoying your meal?

UKTI presenting Case Study: Making an impact in the international marketplace’.

Well, neither did we until after this talk!

The Case Study highlighted just how important it is to get the cultural issues right before heading into an international marketplace, as you could be one little move away from losing quality clients.

Of course, one of the biggest markets to enter for education is the Middle East. UKTI informed us that when working with the Middle East you should avoid letting them down as it’s seen as a huge insult.

However, this is a philosophy we adhere to no matter where we are or who we work with, because lets face it, no one likes being let down!

After this session, we went for a wander and we were pleasantly surprised to catch the end of multi-award winning former Headteacher ‘Deputy Mitchell’ and his workshop ‘How to get your class blogging safely in 30 minutes and impact standards of reading and writing’.

Former Headteacher David Mitchell presenting his workshop.

There was an amazing turnout and it was interesting to hear how much of a positive impact blogging has had on the standards of reading and writing in the classroom and how effective it appears to be for the academic development of pupils, just as it is for the professional development of adults.

If you’d like to do some Blogging for your CPD, please get in touch with our Marketing Manager at here for further details. 

Friday March 18th

On the Friday, we were pulled in by laughter by The Phonic Fairy, Michelle Larbey and then we headed over to TES once again for the ‘How schools can recruit and grow their own teachers’ talk.

The overall message for this session was another that resonated with us, which was that loyalty matters above all else.

If you’re a school, the works not over once you attract and train your teachers, it’s important to ensure that you retain them as well.

It’s not as hard as it sounds! As long as you communicate with your staff, put together good processes for challenging and supporting them and occasionally bribe, ahem, I mean reward them, then retaining your teaching staff should be as easy as pie! (Not you Mr. Corbett).

During the session, it came to light that most schools spend about 80% of there budget on staffing and according to the Mirror Online in November 2015 “Schools in England facing recruitment crisis as nearly half have unfilled posts.”

Therefore, retaining valued staff should be a priority for every school. If not for the sake (and sanity!) of the rest of the staff placed in the establishment but for the pupils and their education as well.

We know just how precious time is when working in a school environment, every second counts, which is why when you choose us, we’ll do all the work for you!

The Phonic Fairy, Michelle Larbey from TTS.

Thanks to our many partnerships we’re able to offer a variety of deals nationwide

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Saturday March 19th

The Saturday of the Education Show was the most enjoyable, as we got to see some amazing speakers who have had a hugely positive impact on the Education sector. After all it can’t be all work and no play, can it!

Educational writer and poet, Pie Corbett, drew in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend with his quick wit and humour during the ‘Teaching written style through great literature’ session.

Straight after we stayed to watch the interview of Nadiya Hussain, Winner of Great British Bake Off and we were happy we did!

Nadiya charmed the crowd with her hilarious stories of her school days. She mentioned her favourite teacher Mrs Marshall and spoke of how they are still in touch to this day.

Pie Corbett during the ‘Teaching written style through great literature’ session.

When asked if she had any advice for teachers Nadiyareplied “Just fake it like Mrs Marshall. Pretend you love your job and like you really want to be there.”

Sound advice we thought!

It wasn’t all joking around though, as Nadiya shared some interesting theories regarding teaching and how to stay positive during the current climate.

“Don’t read the news, there’s a bigger world outside of negative people and negative ideas.” She stated.

“Smile through it, the world is such a big place, I see it now, the negatives are so few and far between it’s not worth thinking about it”

However, the best thing that Nadiya spoke of was change. Something that all of us in the sector can relate to at present, as the world of education is changing so rapidly every day.

Nadiya Hussain, Winner of Great British Bake Off during her interview.

“There are so many situations and there are so many children who will come through your school and you have to change a little for them. You need to be the teacher for each child, not every child”

Perhaps Nadiya is onto something and we all need to adapt to our situations, even when it seems impossible, it could be the only way to survive and thrive in this inconsistent industry.

We’d like to end with our favourite quote of the day by Nadiya, which is one we can all relate to. She said “sometimes a teacher can stay with you forever”.

A very true statement for many of us who wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for a few exceptional teachers who never gave up on us and who always pushed us to do better.

A massive thanks to all of you and to the Education Show 2016 for a wonderful weekend.

Until next year!

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