We’re pleased to be supporting the ‘Simon On The Streets’ Charity this September and raising sponsorship for another worthwhile cause.

Gavin Hansbro, our Secondary Education consultant based in the Leeds office, will be taking part in a sponsored rough sleep at the Royal Armouries on September 24th along with 100’s of others in a bid to support and raise money and awareness for the cause.

Gavin first recognised the charity via a blue plaque placed on the wall in Leeds. Simon on The Streets, supports over 100 people across West Yorkshire who are either rough sleeping, or at risk of rough sleeping and don’t get meaningful support anywhere else.

Gavin says, “On Sundays mornings I volunteer at Our Lady of Lourdes, which is in the parish of St Jeanne Jugan in Headingley, Leeds”.

“I work on a rota basis, volunteering every 4 weeks and split my time across cooking, making drinks, generally getting stuck in to support in any way, or having a chat with attendees”.

“I got involved just to give something back to the community. Some of the people that turn up have nothing. Stereotypically most of the volunteers are older than myself, so I feel it’s nice for the attendees to be able speak to me as a younger listener too.”

Taking part in Sleep on the Streets

“I’ve registered to take part in the annual sleep on the streets event and I’m looking forward to supporting it, but I have to say I am also slightly nervous”.

“The event is a personal challenge, where I will be spending the night out in the open air to try to understand what it is like to be in a vulnerable position like this”.

“Having met a lot of people visiting Our Lady of Lourdes that sleep on the streets, it really opens eyes to the harsh realities people are exposed to.”

Working with school children with enthusiasm and excitement for the future

Spotting the blue plaque on a wall in Leeds was all it took for Gavin to want to know more and act.

Gavin added “I was in Leeds and spotted a plaque that said ‘Danny 1980-2013, Fastest Runner at school before coming homeless’. I was intrigued to find out more and that’s when I learnt about the charity and started to think more about how this affects people’s lives.

“In my work at The Education Network, I spend a lot of time in schools and you see children with great enthusiasm, dreams for the future and a sometimes vulnerable excitement. However, personal circumstances and situations in the home life, can so easily get in the way of these dreams”.

“Reading about Danny, the fastest runner at school, makes me think about the people I meet in schools on a regular basis. I want to do something that supports those that have been affected by circumstances that see them sleeping on the streets and taken away (hopefully only temporarily), from their dreams”.

Gavin has created a Just Giving page and is hoping that you will support him at the #SleepWithSimon event by donating to the charity using his Just Giving page at

Gavin will take part in the #SleepWithSimon event on September 24th and needs a minimum of £100 donation to take part. For more information, you can contact Gavin on 0113 8231 909 or email