Pupils from Cragside Church of England Primary School in Cramlington had a fantastic opportunity to add some magic into their school library last week.

In partnership with The Education Network and Waterstone’s book store in Newcastle, pupils were invited to choose some wonderful new books.

The book pick event is just the start of what will be an on-going reading-based project with the Cramlington school that will further fuel their passion for reading.

Year 6 Teacher, Rachel Middis said “We are absolutely thrilled to be working so closely with The Education Network to enhance the reading experiences for children at Cragside. The school library is the heart of our school and we understand the vital importance of instilling, in all our children, a lifelong love of reading.”

The project will be introduced to the children through an ‘advent calendar of books’. Each day in December a child will be chosen to unwrap a new book to add to the school’s well-loved collection.

The ‘Book of the Day’ will then be used within lessons to produce character profiles, alternative endings and poetry, some of which will be used by Waterstones to promote books in store and will be shared through social media, nationwide.

Michelle Giles, Client and Partnership Developer from The Education Network said “Cragside is a school we work closely with and we are always inspired with the passion for reading. As we strive to support the schools we work with in ways that clearly add to the provision. As a former teacher myself, I know of the importance to instil a ‘passion for reading’ in children and this is why we felt it important for the children to pick their own books. We hope that this helps to further support Cragside’s already wonderful efforts to improve their children’s reading and writing and we look forward to continuing to support them in any way we can.”

Head teacher, Paul Rusby said, “The love of books and reading for pleasure is such an important part of everyday at Cragside. We have invested heavily in a wonderful library filled with amazing books and some incredible computer programs which allow our children access to a huge library of books on their ipads, computers and tablets. We are thrilled that we have this opportunity to work with Education Network and Waterstones to ensure our children have access to the most recent books which I know they can’t wait to start reading.”

More information can be found on the school website at or via the schools Twitter here.