The Education Network launches new campaign to help Yorkshire schools tackle bullying

We’ve launched a campaign to support local schools in the battle to stamp out bullying behaviour!

Kevin Gill, Managing Director at The Education Network, explains: “The challenge for schools to tackle bullying isn’t going away. *Statistics show that 1 in 10 children have reported being bullied, 44% have witnessed another pupil being bullied in the last 12 months, over 2 million worry about bullying and nearly a quarter of them don’t tell anyone if they are being bullied.

“These figures are damning, and sadly bullying is a problem which will probably always exist in some form. However it is our aim to work with all of our partner schools in the area to raise awareness, share best practice and reduce its prevalence and impact through our national anti-bullying initiative in 2016.”

The Education Network’s ‘Anti-Bullying’ campaign provides various resources including a school information pack which has been compiled using national guidance from key organisations including Ofsted, Kidscape and Bullying UK, along with case studies and real-life examples of best practice provided by its partner schools, which have received official recognition for their anti-bullying strategies.

To kick off its anti-bullying campaign, The Education Network is running a competition with local schools inviting children to pick a name for ‘PANDA’, its larger than life and very cuddly anti-bullying campaign mascot.

The winning entry will win the school a choice of prizes worth up to £400 and the pupil who comes up with the name will also win a Kindle HD Fire. The deadline to enter is Friday 15 April. Schools can enter HERE.

Lee Witherwick, The Education Network’s recruitment services manager for Yorkshire and Humber, said: “Any bullying, whether physical or non-physical, could lead to lasting psychological damage to the individual.

“The internet, social media and mobile phones are often used as a way of intimidating and attacking young people and cyberbullying is the one of the greatest challenges faced by schools today.

“Through our anti-bullying campaign we aim to complement existing school procedures for safeguarding children, promoting equality and tackling discrimination, by providing them with additional support and the very latest official guidance.

Please feel free to share the link from our website with students, teachers and TA’s to make sure that Panda gets a brilliant name!

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