To celebrate World Teachers’ Day this year, we ran a competition and asked the public to put in their own words, why they think teachers are so important. The response we received was great and the reasons sent in were inspiring, honest, humorous and thought provoking, which made it even more difficult when it came down to picking a winner. However, in the end, it was Nic Bea who took the Luxury Chocolate and Prosecco prize with her wonderful words.

It wasn’t just Nic that touched us, which is why we’ve put together this blog combining our top 10 favourite reasons why some of you believe teachers are important, so educators across the world have something to revisit when they’re having a down day, to remind them that they are important and they are all winners, reaping the small rewards of teaching every single day and making a huge difference!


Teachers are important because they can be one constant in an ever changing landscape for the children, they can inspire children to read, write, sing, draw, act, explore, investigate, persevere, communicate, calculate. They can be the person who says have a go and be there to catch the child if they fall. They listen and share, they care, they go the extra mile. They are normal human beings who make mistakes, get frustrated but keep on coming back for more, even when they are getting knocks from parents, pupils, public and government. Teachers ARE important! – Nic Bea


If you can read, write or solve an equation, you know that it’s probably your teachers that you have to thank. A lot of what we learn about the world comes from teachers who give us the skills and wisdom we need to help us succeed in life. – Sandra D Lane


Teachers are important because they deal with poo, wee, vomit, snot and dribble on a daily basis (oh and get coughed and sneezed on repeatedly) and still come into work each day with a smile! Ha ha….I love my job. I genuinely do! – Jennie McVicar


Teachers are very important – not only are they there to educate but they are also there to support the pupil’s well being and watch them grow as they achieve their dreams and ambitions – Claire Ann Davies


Teachers are the core of everything. We wouldn’t have doctors, heart surgeons, medicine, technology, everything that makes the world a better place. Most importantly, our wonderful children wouldn’t be challenged and lead to reach their highest potential. I love my job and I am proud to be a teacher – Nicky Cox


Teachers help inspire future generations to make the world a better place and help individuals strive for success – Georgina Wilson


Teachers are so important. We plant the seeds of wisdom and support and nurture them as they grow! A fabulous job full of wonderful and magical moments each and every day! I teach early years and love teaching each and everyday and I just love those ‘break through’ moments. I may be tired, stressed and very busy, but at the end of each and every day my heart smiles with joy. – Kate Dickinson


They are important because they help to mould our children into great adults. They often see when there is something wrong with a child that the child feels they cannot talk about. They are educators, confidants and social workers. – Shalene Hodder


Teachers are so important to our children. They engage, lead and help to change the future. They support and aid the children at every key stage! – Pauline Rendell


They are wise oak trees, bending their branches to make conditions right for acorns to grow into bigger and better trees. – Shalene Hodder