Outdoor learning has become a popular technique embraced by many teachers but what are the reasons why educators should accept this learning technique?

Firstly, outdoor learning can have a positive impact on children’s development along with a huge amount of physical and mental health benefits! It is almost a given that teachers who utilise outdoor learning will see a significant change in behaviour amongst many of their pupils.

Taking pupils out of their usual classroom setting can prove very beneficial as a new atmosphere can encourage a new sense of perspective, hence a higher motivation to learn and a positive attitude towards education! It has even been noted that students who can be disruptive in the classroom show better behaviour in an outdoor setting.

Students outdoor awareness will increase as they will develop a closer connection to the natural world, which could lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle, as well as encourage confidence to engage with the environment more.

Outdoor learning also boosts self-esteem and is great for stress relief. It can even help students gain vital skills, from self-reliance and social awareness to improved memory, enhanced communication skills and more!

Another important factor of outdoor learning is it nurtures creativity. Students will be learning through the environment, giving them a chance to relate different scenarios to the curriculum. They will thus become a more creative thinker helping them in the future with the effectiveness of their learning.

The number of children who are obese is constantly growing and has more than tripled in England over the past 25 years, outdoor learning can increase the physical health of students and could be a step in the right direction to preventing obesity.

In a society where the rise of technology prevents students from wanting to do anything but sit on their tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Outdoor learning can give them a new love for the environment showing them that there is more to do than just sit inside.

It is a way of helping them learn to love something which sadly, many pupils don’t seem to have much of a passion for anymore and isn’t that what teaching is all about?

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