Schools spend tons of money each term on classroom supplies, work books, stationary and more. The list is literally endless and budgets are tight, that’s why we’ve put together some fantastic ideas to help you get more money back into your school:

Bake sale– A fun and easy way to get students, parents and teachers together because who doesn’t love food?! This is a classic and cost-effective idea that can rake in a decent amount of cash and you could even offer a prize for the tastiest treat to encourage more involvement!

Talent show– Giving students a platform to showcase their talents is not only great for their self-esteem but it is also a perfect opportunity to get support from the parents. Nominate judges, set prizes for the winner and charge a small entry fee for anyone who wishes to attend.

Dance competition– Dancing is not only good for your body, it also has excellent mental health benefits and it can be very entertaining to watch for pupils and teachers alike. Organise a dance off and encourage everyone to show off footloose style. Anyone can get involved and an audience is welcome but tickets must be purchased.

Gift basket auction/ raffle– Put together a basket of goodies and raffle it off. Keep it thrifty by asking each teacher to bring in one item to put in the hamper. Everyone loves a good raffle and they always bring in lots of cash.

Own clothes day – Students love non-uniform days. Charge a pound per student and let them come to school dressed how they want.

A play– Get the drama department to put together a show. It is an enjoyable and educational way that students can get the money in. The show could be shown through the week and could be advertised through fliers designed by students. This could have the ability to bring in a huge audience, so charge a fair amount for tickets and watch the seats fill!

Arts and craft stall– Urge students to get as creative as possible. Get students from each class involved and put their work on sale. Have an open gallery evening at school, put pupils work on display and invite parents and families to come and spend their money!

Staff football game– Organise a football game between staff. This could take place after school or on the weekend. Encourage students, parents and staff not involved to attend.

Fashion show– Lights, camera, action! A fashion show can give students a chance to think outside the box whilst having fun. They could be organisers, designers or even the models. This is another excellent opportunity to encourage family members to attend and charge an entrance fee.

Karaoke competition/rap battle– What student doesn’t want to see their teachers embarrass themselves!? Hold a big competition with student and staff judges and charge every student for entry.