You’ve studied in England, lived here most of your life, and now you’re planning to teach here. Why not consider trying something new?

There is currently a high demand abroad for those qualified to teach English. But why has packing up become more appealing?

If sun, sea and spontaneous adventure isn’t enough, what about travelling the world whilst being paid to see it! Most of your earnings are tax free. In addition, certain places such as the UAE and China also offer free housing as part of the package. So you get to keep your money whilst living for free! What could be more wonderful?

It is a great way to learn a new language! If you’ve always wanted to learn an exotic language but never had the time, this is the perfect opportunity. Along with this you will experience a complete change in culture and live life in a different yet exciting way.

You will have a positive impact on your student’s lives. Your students will be overly eager to learn. They will be thrilled with the opportunity to learn English and will take advantage. So what does this mean for you? Surely less distractions and less disruptive students! Win-win!

Additionally, it gives the students a chance to teach you about their culture which will please them. Once you’re set up you can travel as most countries offer cheap transport to surrounding areas which will give you the chance to broaden your horizons and even discover new continents. For example, in Thailand you can find cheap tickets to visit the islands in and out of the country.

Whilst over in Europe, there is the possibility of obtaining economical train tickets, allowing you to discover the rest of the continent. All this will look great on your CV as it shows that not only are you willing to take risks but you’re also not afraid to face new challenges to gain more skills.

The experience you have will stay with you forever. You will meet a lot of new people similar to you and will build friendships that can not only last a lifetime but which could also help you further your career if you wanted to continue your travels and teach elsewhere in the future.

The weather in the UK is always up and down, so why not go where the sun is shining all year round? The job market is great and as the demand is so high there is no shortage on the amount of amazing jobs available.

As the saying goes, the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page, so start your story today and get out there! Click here to apply for your dream job overseas today!