Child Safety Week is is run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. This year the theme is ‘sharing is caring’ so we’ve put together a simple listed guide to ensure your classroom is a physically and mentally safe environment for your students.

Be Attentive – Young children can be especially unpredictable so something that can seem harmless could lead to a health and safety hazard. Keep hot beverages out of reach to avoid it being knocked over which could result in nasty burns.

Evaluate Your Room – Many times accidents happen when children are out of sight, so it may be time to take a step back and see how safe your classroom layout is. Ideally, your classroom should have no blind spots. This means that from your desk all students should be in sight, making you more capable of preventing accidents.

Four on The Floor – Make sure students aren’t putting themselves at risk. For example many students pick up the bad habit of tipping their chair back and balancing on the two back legs, we’ve all done it but this is a recipe for disaster! Remind them to keep all four legs of the chair on the floor and make them aware of the severe injuries they could cause themselves by tipping their chair back.

Using Tools Safely – Children love arts and crafts but it’s also important to explain to them safety procedures in order to avoid any accidents. For example, handling scissors may seem simple enough but it is an important lesson they must be taught, more specifically the correct way to hold them when walking (sharp edge pointing down) as well as, of course, not to run with them!

Prevent Slips – Especially in wetter months, many children barge into class soaking wet. This makes the floors a slipping hazard so encourage children to wipe their feet on their way in as well as providing a safe place for them to store their wet belongings away.

Get The Community Involved – Why not reach out to local hospitals, paramedics, fire-fighters or policemen? They are usually very keen to discuss safety and how to prevent accidents. It could even lead to a fun and informative day out/in for the class!

Encourage Them To Talk – We know that not all safety is physical, so encourage your students to open up to you and get to know them on a personal level. See if they are feeling threatened or insecure and work with them to boost their confidence or tackle any problems they may be having.

Say NO to Bullying – Bullying is one of the greatest threats to our schools and classrooms and it is very important to let pupils know what your rules are on the subject. Make it clear that it will not be tolerated and encourage students to speak up about it. If you need help, you could even use our Anti-Bullying Initiative and invite mascot, Buddy over to your school to talk to your pupils about bullying!

Anonymous Box – Sometimes students don’t feel comfortable discussing their issues out loud, setting up an Anonymous Box could permit the students who are a bit more shy to communicate with you any issues they may be experiencing. Even if it is anonymously it will permit you to have an idea as to what your students are feeling and the atmosphere of the classroom and you could create lesson plans around any common subjects that may appear in the box and suggest ideas on how pupils can sensibly handle the issues they’re facing.

It is important to remember that children will spend a majority of time at school and that to them, it is somewhat like a second home. Students need to feel safe and secure in order to learn and participate, so the safer your students feel with you and at school, the more comfortable they’ll feel and the better they’ll do!

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