Are you glad to be going back to work? Have you been behaving like a lottery winner with all the time in the world but not quite the bank balance?

These are great questions to ask on day one of the new academic term 2017-2018 or at the start of any academic year and for most staff the answer is always a resounding “no”.

However, that’s the answer we expect to hear because after six weeks (42 beautiful days) off you really do feel like a lottery winner!

You’ve done what you want, when you want, set no wake up alarm, spent time with your family and friends and perhaps even read a book and watched a box set or six!

But now it’s back to work we go, hey ho, hey ho, hey ho and I’ve been thinking, how do we transfer that summer feeling into an every day feeling and increase our personal happiness at times of stress (and we all know those times are quick to come!).

For example week 1 will see many primary teachers looking for lost garments as parents cry ‘have you seen his jumper?’, all teachers will be examining their predecessors data and looking at the cohort in front of them, wondering if the real children have been abducted by aliens and replaced by non data matching aliens as a test!

As you know, the academic year is a roller coaster ride but if we are to make it through and survive further on into our careers then we’re truly blessed because teaching is actually an amazing job!

Working in education, we get to make a difference daily and have a positive impact on the lives of others, so to make sure we continue to be the best we can be, I’ve got five fully tried and tested tips just for you…

Be organised – mentally.

– This doesn’t mean buying the whole stationary shop or that matching everything is going to make you more organised. It means think through your low points last year, what were they about? What can you do to prepare better for them this year? What can you do to keep your own well being on a high? I always wrote a family menu and used a slow cooker so my children got fed!

Gratitude is such a simple word

– but you’ve had 42 days Holiday and the rest of the work force are lucky if they get 20 annual days a year. So have a think about your reasons to be grateful this summer, write 50 down and keep them somewhere that you can see them.

Happy photo

– Find a summer photo that makes you happy and save it as your screen saver or desk top screen. We have devices with us all the time and a simple click can take you back to the moment and help ease the building of stress. #photomeditation

Give your self a health check

– Now whilst you are still healthy from the summer break! Start taking vitamin C before the colds kick in or add a 30 day vitamin challenge to the first half term. Stay healthy by preventing illness.

Add into everyday ‘mood boosts’

– these are the ‘amuse buche’ to happiness! An amuse bush is a posh dinner sorbet eaten between meals to cleanse the pallet! So a ‘mood boost’ is a happiness injection added into your day to increase happiness. Have a class anthem to start the day (and end), make yourself a happy boost play list or set an alarm on your phone to go off during the day and when it goes off say ‘what’s that?’ Then say ‘I know it’s a DANCE ALARM!!’ Break into spontaneous dance moves to the song, encouraging others to join you!

A school in Melton Mowbray have a ‘Spread The Happiness’ head teacher who sets the alarm to go off over the school tannoy and every class comes into the corridor and dances for the length of the song then goes back to lessons!

Use these tips to get through some of those stressful school times and start the new school year as you mean to go on. These happy back to school moments and stories will soon be memories you cherish for life

Remember that we truly are the modern billionaire that Emmy-nominated host and keynote speaker, Jason Silva talks about “the new definition of a billionaire is some one who positively impacts on a billion lives”.

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