Now that the summer holidays are pretty much done and dusted, it’s time to get ready to return to the crazy life of being a teacher. With the ups and downs, the stress and the endless marking also comes the pride of reaching targets and being a part of a students success!

You may still be in holiday mode now but here’s how you can get yourself out of that frame of mind and ready for those first few weeks back with our 10 tips to survive the dreaded return back to school…

Reflect on the previous year

– Think about what went well and what didn’t go so well in order to determine what you need to do differently and what can be kept the same.

Make classroom rules and stick to them

– You are in charge of your classroom. Make it clear from the get go what your rules are and make sure to stick with them through the year.

Get to know your students

– Learn names quickly. It could also be useful keeping up with the latest trends so you can find some common ground with your students and have more to talk about than just school.

Stay out of school politics

– Focus on your own teaching and classroom. A staffroom is a fun place to unwind but try to distance yourself from any drama as it can be draining.

Remember routine

– The holidays will have ruined your usual routine. Take a week before to try and get back into it so you are fresh for your first day back.

Set positive aims/goals

– Write down what you expect to gain out of the year and what goals you plan to reach.
This can be an effective way of improving teaching as you can look back at the end of the year and see how well they worked.

Make expectations clear

– Tell students what you expect of them in terms of behaviour in classrooms, homework standards, etc.

New year, new you!

– This means a fresh start. Regardless of whether you have taught the students before, a new year indicates a clean slate. Let go of all opinions of students and give them a chance to be different.

Communicate with parents

– Have a conversation with parents and explain what you expect to gain through the year and how they can help you achieve this. This is vital in getting the best out of your students.

Get organised

– Lesson plans, homework timetables and marking should all be planned out prior to lessons. Organisation is the key and it will make life a lot easier. It can be the difference between an average teacher and an exceptional one.

Take a look at our Useful Websites and Resources to help you hit the ground running, including Classroom rules, Daily Plannerand Teacher Desk Planner*.

*Useful tip: Laminate your Teacher Desk Planner so that you’re able to make notes with dry erase markers and use it all year round!