Teaching is a very time consuming profession but it can in return be just as rewarding. It is demanding and stressful. You can often make the mistake of thinking your teaching experience will be like those in the movies but you would be mistaken. In fact at times you will not even be able to compare it to the teachers around you as every experience will be different. Here are 10 things you wish someone told you before you became a teacher:

1. Parents play a huge role. A child will respect you more if their parents respect you. If you have a parent’s support you are more likely to have a better reputation. Parents are always quick to defend their children, so prepare for this.

2. Prepare to work long hours. It is easy to believe that a teacher’s day starts and ends with the school day but this is far from true. With the endless planning and marking your job never ends and with that marks the end of your social life.

3. The secretary is super important. The head teacher is your boss, however, it is the secretary that takes charge of everything. For example, pay slips and all the other important stuff. Always stay on good terms with the secretary!

4. Control emotion. Students can smell your fear. Make sure to hide all emotion from your students as they will pick up on it. It is important to forget all personal problems whilst teaching and just focus on your students.

5. Spend a lot of money. There is a limited supply for each classroom. When ordering supplies it takes at least three weeks so you’re more likely to go out and buy your own for your class. If you believe in positive reinforcement then you will also be spending on treats for your class regularly.

6. Using the toilet during class. Unless there is another teacher in the class you will not be able to leave for a toilet break. You could be holding it in for hours and you would have to act completely normal in front of your class.

7. The internet is important. It is good to use the staff around you for help but sometimes they can be unapproachable. At times like these, the internet offers so much advice on everything. There are also websites when you can send in questions that could be tailored to your needs. Online you are more likely to come across people who are in a similar position to you.

8. New vocabulary. You find yourself using phrases that your teachers used on you. As you spend so much time with your students you pick up on the language they use so you can find yourself out with friends using language that only students use.

9. Become a parent to students. As teaching becomes the biggest part of your life you will find yourself always talking about your students and referring to them as ‘my kids’ especially when talking to other teachers.

10. Be prepared for anything to happen. Life is unpredictable however the life of a teacher is even more unpredictable. Every day is different.