Nikki Moxon, Director of The Education Network’s Yorkshire region further explains how this associate partnership helps enhance the teacher skill set and resources supplied to local schools by The Education Network.

“Future Behaviour is a Behaviour Management Coaching organisation that delivers support by teachers, to teachers and school management teams. We already have strict proficiency testing and processes in place. This ensures we only supply candidates of the highest quality in their own subject skill sets, to our clients. What we are doing here, is taking it one step further and providing additional support to schools to enable a 360° management and teacher behaviour review and to enable change”.

Greg Perry, a teacher, learning leader and Managing Director at Future Behaviour adds “One of the key elements of building positive relationships in school, is showing that you care enough to establish reasonable and supportive limits.

As an example, enormous amounts of time is wasted in schools by what we call ‘low level disruption’. It actually takes up more time than the high level issues. So to combat this and make school staff more productive, efficient and alert, we deliver a range of strategies for dealing with the small stuff really quickly and effectively, so that everyone can get on with their learning”.

“A more coherent teaching team will soon be noticed by the children, this makes the relationship with child and teacher more effective. The same fluid practices can be attributed to the behavioural management of children, allowing the teacher to identify the children that hide, under the radar.”

Greg continues “We are delighted The Education Network, a national education recruitment company, goes one step further than the rest and recognises they have a duty to support schools and teachers, not just supply staff. This partnership will allow schools that use The Education Network to have the access to top class teachers.

The scheme which launched in the Yorkshire and Humber area from July last year now ensures that all teachers supplied are trained to Future Behaviour standards. Future Behaviour will also be working with some of our schools to analyse their current policies and procedures and identify how change, if required, can be achieved.

This partnership demonstrates how serious we are about our policies and procedures and supporting quality staff that want to grow with the school and education sector.

Schools in the region that use The Education Network can also benefit from a significant discount to the Future Behaviour training.

To find out more and/or take advantage of this quality support, contact Nikki Moxon today on 0113 8231 909 or email here.