"I have worked with Clint McKellar and the Education Network for the last two years. During this time we have developed a relationship from working on our day to day supply needs to longer term and covering a term. It is not only teachers but learning support assistants and secretarial staff that The Education Network has supplied staff for our school. The requests I have made for staff have always been carefully considered by The Education Network consultant. Visits by the consultant to school allow them to make clear judgements about our needs which is extremely important. Each person we have recruited has been a success. In the early stages of any recruitment, The Education Network is very keen to ask for and gain feedback on the suitability of the staff. Communication via telephone and emails are most useful in the feedback process. When there is a crisis it is also very reassuring to be able to contact outside usual school hours, with someone available to consider our needs for the next day. Our school is now one of The Education Network’s partnership schools. This choice was considered carefully at school level. The considerable care and personal service makes it quite clear that The Education Network is a very committed and professional organisation who work hard to ensure that our school has its needs met. The Education Network continues to develop with initiatives such as its new ‘MicroSite’. It has remained competitive with its pricing structure for staff. I have been most impressed with the service, communication and understanding the company has bestowed on Gosforth Central Middle School and look forward to continuing our relationship."

Gosforth Central Middle School
July 04, 2016