"The Education Network is a Supply Agency of the most professional type. Their most precious and valuable asset is their staff. Hardworking and well informed. Absolutely. Interpersonal skills are evident in abundance. Knowledgeable. Fully aware of how schools and teaching staff operate. Highly trained. All of these things and more. An ease of operating the whole school supply and demand business. Honest. Also, all of those other skills required to be the very best. It's more than that, however. It is the personal and kind way I have been treated over a long period of time, as a supply teacher, which sets them apart from every other teaching agency; this puts them at the top of their business. You instilled confidence in me and made me feel so valuable. Shaun. Dan. Vicky. Jonathan. Kevin. Now Stuart. The other fantastic staff.  These are the people I have worked with and spoken to, many mornings. Cheerful and positive. I am so very grateful for all of the teaching opportunities which have enhanced my life. Without them, my life would have been far less interesting. Thank you to all of you. I would recommend you to any new supply teacher and to any school as I know they will be treated with fairness and respect. Above all though, kindness."

Julie Ahmed
January 10, 2017