"As a teacher I have used the services of several Educational Recruitment services over the years. An agency I would particularly recommend though is The Education Network in Chelmsford. The process of enrolment is particularly stress free and speedy. The interviewer was very concerned that my requirements and preferences were the main priority and was very friendly and personable. Work was found quickly and most importantly it was a post matching my requirements. Prior to successfully obtaining the post ,I was given all the information required about the school and therefore felt thoroughly prepared. I sensed Charlie Demmel, in charge of secondary recruitment had done everything possible to get me the best contract possible. Once working for The Education Network, Charlie was very concerned that I was happy in the post. Most importantly I felt that he was there for me and valued me as a client. In fact all the staff at the agency I dealt with had this attitude. If you are seeking a teaching post I would highly recommend contacting ‘The Education Network’. They really care about their clients and go that extra mile to get the right contract for them."

Chris Farge
Secondary teacher
January 11, 2017