Cary Sawbridge


I have recently had my contact and support changed within Education Network and I wanted to let you know the affect this had.

Matt from the start demonstrated that he wanted to get to know me, the students I taught and how I was finding things. 

He has listened to me and been pro active in helping me secure hours, my wages and recognising all the extras I provide within my role. This is completely different to the previous experiences I have had from the agency. 

He is always available via phone or e mails and will follow up any issues or enquiries promptly.

But more importantly, I feel that he is investing time for me and wants to provide a more personal approach to the support provided, recognising what I do and the time i invest. 

This support and approach is like having a pat on the back from your boss and inspires; something that is not generally felt from an agency environment.

It is easy to moan and complain and we can forget to pass on the positives and good work we come across. I hope that Matt is recognised for taking on a new role with a positive and caring attitude.

Kind regards.

Cary Sawbridge

February 10th 2020