The Education Network has partnered with Mindful Me Health & Well-Being Ltd to support schools in improving mental health and emotional health and well-being. Mindful Me Health & Well-Being Ltd offer bespoke six-week programmes, lunchtime bitesize sessions, full and half day workshops and mindfulness CPD designed to meet the needs of you and your staff. Bernie Leonard, a mindfulness trained teacher, outstanding practitioner with qualifications in Psychology (BSc), Education (PGCEs Post and Pre 16) and Mindfulness (MCBTL, MYHE, IMCPP) offers a fresh approach to delivering empowering mindfulness programmes to alleviate the negative effects of stress and improve emotional health and well-being.

Mindfulness is a form of mental training, when we practice mindfulness regularly we build a capacity to become aware of thinking and emotion, as our mind becomes more settled our nervous system can take in more accurate information and we access capacities for creativity, flexibility and lateral thinking, which enables us to manage challenging situations more skilfully. Mindfulness has transformed the lives of key individuals such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, plus many more. It is supported by in-depth scientific research evidence from the likes of Oxford and Harvard Universities that shows with regular practice we are able to train our attention and take a mindful pause which enables us to create space in an ever- increasing busy world. This allows us to respond mindfully rather than react habitually.

For more information on how The Education Network and Mindful Me Health & Well-Being Ltd can improve the Health, Well-Being and Mindfulness of your staff contact Nicola Moxon on 0113 8231909.