Hope Orphan Pre-School Youth Group (HOPSYG) was founded by a group of friends who came together in 2008 to help feed and educate children from the poorest slums in Mombasa (Moroto & Bengala), Mshomoroni, and Kenya.

The organisation provides preschool education to children, some as old as ten, who have no basic numeracy or literacy knowledge. In addition to providing pupils with an essential education, the children are also given clean water and a porridge meal every day.

The meal provided by Hopsyg is often the only meal these children receive in a day, or in some cases, even two.

Furthermore, since many of the parents/guardians of these children are impoverished, this encouraged the organisation to go another step further and provide emergency medical care also.

Once we heard about the wonderful work that Hopsyg was doing and everything that they were achieving, we just had to get involved!

At The Education Network we believe all children deserve the right to a good education, clean water, food and medicine, which is why we have been fundraising for the Hope Orphan Pre-School Youth Group overseas!

Our Asia Recruitment Services Manager, Esme Harvey joined the team of volunteers in Shanghai this year and already she has organised successful fundraising events and is currently researching various ideas in order to continue her amazing work.

While many of the goals the Hope Orphan Pre-School Youth Group have set will take years to achieve, through our actions and the countless others involved, we are helping to change the lives of many children and their families every day!