For Candidates

At The Education Network we pride ourselves on placing you at the centre of everything we do, which is why we understand, now more than ever, the importance of our International Recruitment Division.

As a hub of all things education, we understand that the dream for teachers to move abroad and use their skills and experience in a range of international schools, is now a reality and we’re making this happen.

We have job opportunities for English-speaking teachers in some of the best places in the world and if you don’t have the required qualifications, don’t worry, we’ve partnered with UltimaHub to bring you TEFL courses at a discount to get you one step closer to that life-changing placement.

Education professionals can benefit from tax-free earnings and amazing relocation packages in a range of exciting locations when they register to teach through us.

For International Schools

As the number of international schools increases, so does the demand for exceptional English-speaking teachers and we have plenty of them just waiting to find their life-long career overseas.

The opportunities for teachers across the globe are now more attractive than ever and as a leading education recruitment specialist, we can appoint the exact teachers you require in order for your international school to flourish and succeed.

Our many years and extensive experience has enabled us to form well-established partners and contacts within the education sector. That along with our innovative approach allows us to support your school in ways our competitors cannot.

The candidates we can provide for your international school are beyond exceptional and cover a range of specialisms suitable for positions across all school ages.

Many of our candidates have first-hand experience working with children with SEND and all surpass our safeguarding standards.

To enquire about our International division, contact us by email here